Diviner fallen empires

Diviner; fallen empires ; fallen empires fallen empires diviner.

On fallen empires, diviner stays true to the past and present in that i can see fans of the aforementioned eighties metal legends embracing what the group brings. A review of fallen empires by diviner, available worldwide on november 20th via ulterium records. Ulterium records has done it again and managed to find another great power metal band from greece.

Overall, fallen empires is a great debut for diviner and i can easily recommend this for those who love a good dose of 80’s classic metal.

Fallen empires, the debut album from diviner is one you don’t. Diviner: line-up change announced the greek heavy metallers diviner have announced that . Diviner - fallen empires review: a modern take on traditional heavy metal.

Official music videos: "evilizer" — "riders from the east" recording information: recorded at devasoundz studios. "fallen empires" a very strong heavy metal album that keeps the legacy from the genre but at the same time sounding new and inspired.

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